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Online RMA Form Submission

All NEW products are eligible for a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
(Please read the Return Policy below for more information about Terms & Conditions for all Returns.).

A one-year parts & labor warranty is provided at no additional charge for all of our products.
(Please read the Return Policy below for more information about Terms & Conditions for all Returns

We offer extended warranties on most of our products (Cameras & DVR's)
**Please be sure to ask a Sales Representative for more information about extended warranties.

- In case seller has to sue buyer, Louisiana Law would be in effect. Seller would be entitled to all legal, attorney and court fees


RMA Request Fillable PDF Form

The following Physical Conditions are unacceptable for all Returns (including replacements, exchanges & refunds):

  • Cut & Stripped Wires (Missing BNC, RCA, or Power Connectors)
    • Cutting any connectors will void your warranty. For power connectors, we sell PT-3 (Male) and PT-4 (Female) pigtail cables for adapting bare wire to a female of male 2.1mm connectors.
  • Evidence of Tampering (Broken Seals, Spliced Wires, etc.)
  • Damaged Electronics (Missing Buttons, Damaged Circuit Boards, etc.)

The following (in addition to the above mentioned conditions) are unacceptable for All Refunds:

  • Dents, Scuffs, and Scratches of any kind
  • Missing Parts (Cables, Screws, Manuals, Software, other Accessories etc.)
  • Foreign Materials (Adhesive & other Sealants, Adhesive Residue, Oil, Dirt, etc.)
  • Original Product Boxes that have been Damaged or have Markings (See Below)
    • When shipping small packages such as cameras, connectors, lenses, brackets, accessories, etc., please write the RMA number on the outside of the shipping package or leave a copy of your RMA Form with the RMA Number on it inside the package. DO NOT write on the original product box. No Remarks, RMA Numbers, or any Markings. (For example: Do not write "defective", "bad", "no video", "missing parts", or any other remarks on the box) If necessary, please use sticky notes or a sheet of paper placed inside the box or taped to the product for your remarks.
    • When shipping larger products in their original boxes, like DVR's and PTZ Cameras, please DO NOT write RMA numbers on the outside of the box. Leave a copy of your RMA form in the box with the RMA Number written on it, or include the RMA Number as a remark on the shipping label.

-Please list all items on the RMA form. If you have additional items after you have submitted your request form, please call the office @ 888-315-1219 and notify the RMA department so they can append to your RMA record. Do not send more items than what is listed on your RMA form or they may be rejected.


-All Returned items must be packaged individually, preferably in their original box with all accessories. Cameras, Lenses, and other accessories should be placed inside a larger Shipping Package.

-DVR's, PTZ Cameras, and larger products can be shipped inside their original boxes, but must contain sufficient packaging to protect them from damage during shipping. Products that are damaged in shipping will have their warranty voided due to misuse and abuse.

-DO NOT use peanuts or other lose packaging to fill boxes for DVR's and other products with exposed circuitry and connectors.

-DO NOT ship Hard Drives inside DVR's (mounted or lose). Package them in an anti-static bag and then bubble-wrapped. This will insure that the hard drive is not damaged and data is not lost.

-We are NOT responsible for any type of Data recovery at any time.

-DO NOT use weak boxes, damaged boxes, Styrofoam, paper, padded shipping envelopes, or non-approved plastic or Styrofoam clamshell containers for shipping packages.

-Any items received that are not marked with an RMA Number or do not have a previously submitted RMA Form (with the RMA Number written on it) enclosed in the shipping package will be rejected.

** All Returns for Refund are subject to a minimum 5% restocking fee. **

** All Returns Not within compliance of these conditions are subject to an Immediate Refusal, or up to a 50% restocking fee depending on the condition of the product, original packaging, and missing parts and accessories. **

For ALL returns, an RMA Request Form (.doc or .pdf ) MUST be submitted and you MUST first be issued an RMA Number. If you have any questions about completing or submitting the form, you may contact the RMA Department @ 888-315-1219.

We Do advise that you contact Tech Support (888-315-1219) first and try to troubleshoot your problem before requesting a form.


Please do one of the following:

  1. (If received via e-mail) Save the form to your computer, fill it out, then reattach it in an e-mail and send it to Tech Support
  2. Print out the form, fill it out, then Fax or Mail it to:

FAX: 985-809-2725
MAIL: 600 Deer Cross Court East, Madisonville, LA 70447

** Please allow 3-6 hrs for us to approve your request and respond with your RMA Number. Be sure to provide a valid contact number for any forms submitted via Fax or US Mail.

Please ship all Returns to the following address and fill in your RMA Number on the 2nd line:

CCTV Imports
Attn: RMA Dept. (RMA# )
600 Deer Cross Court East 
Madisonville, LA 70447

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us @ 888-315-1219.

Thank You,
CCTV Imports Management

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