9011 4 Channel Color Quad Processor

9011 4 Channel High Resolution Color Quad Processor
SKU: 9011

It has the advantage over a switcher because you are able to view all four channels at the same time or just one channel at a time. The unit is also very compact, so it takes up less space.


  • Video Input: 4 Cameras
  • Video Output: 2 Video Outputs
  • Resolution: 720 x 480 60Hz for NTSC / 720 x 576 50Hz for PAL
  • Display Modes: Quad Split Mode / Full Screen / PIP / Auto Sequence
  • High Performance Freeze Function: Flicker Free Image Capture
  • Various Overlay Information: Camera Title, Real Time and Date, Loss and Motion Message
  • Provides Various Event Input and Detection: Video Loss Detection/Motion Detection
  • Power Source: 12vDC 1A
  • Remote Control and Power Supply Included
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