VKM001 VGA Keyboard Mouse CAT5 Extender

VKM001 VGA Keyboard Mouse CAT5 Extender

The VKM001 allows VGA video signals and a keyboard mouse to be transmitted up to 300 feet by using 2 CAT5 STP or UTP cables. Used in pairs, the VKM001 is used in home or commercial applications as a smart, fast and cost-effective application. It also eliminates costly and bulky VGA cable, allowing connection to VGA monitors over extended distance from the PC via standard twisted pair cable. Ideal for classrooms, lecture halls, retail kiosks, video information displays, overhead projector systems, PC training systems and trade shows.


  • Built in dip switch for compatibility with all monitors when using CAT5 UTP cable
  • Passive device, does not support VGA DDC protocol
  • Supports up to 1280 x 1024 pixels
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